Grounded Dragon Theory is a practical use guide to interacting with and manipulating the multidimensionality of your unique soul frequency.

We all have an Oversoul, an aspect of us that stretches through time and space. Each one of us is a singular frequency of energy, with the sole purpose (or should we say SOUL Purpose) to experience the Source of All that Is through itself.

This gives us the illusion of separation, which causes all the trauma, trials, and tribulations in our lives. Thus we spend most of our lives on a never-ending wheel of suffering and healing, suffering and healing, forever and ever and ever.


But what if it didn't have to be that way?

Using the knowledge of our meridians, chakras, earth-based and other energy centers we have uncovered the cheat code to getting off the wheel of suffering and finding our purpose in LIVING-


Don’t slay the dragon- BE the Dragon.

Simple and Fun

Magick shouldn't be complicated, and learning shouldn't be intimidating! That's why we've designed a simple and engaging learning experience to elevate your Divine Connection into something everyone can enjoy!

Learn Together

Monthly 2 HOUR Group Masterclasses include 

  • Installation of Dragon Technology
  • Somatosensory Release
  • Embodied Movement
  • Grounding Ceremony
  • Q&A/hotseat mentoring


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Monthly Breakdown

If you have joined a previous Grounded Dragon Theory Masterclass, but have missed some months in-between please email me at [email protected] so I can get you an access code that will discount the classes you have already purchased


Caryn Terres

The Dragon Doula

Founder & CEO of Heartwomb Leadership, Caryn has paved the Dragon Path since 2018 and is excited to share her knowledge.

Erin Ryan

High Level Energy Mentor

Erin's experitise in Ancient Chinese Medicine, along with her dedication to the Dragon Way has led her places she never dreamed. 


They hold the Pillars of Grounded Dragon Theory. The unique play of their energies allows for a seemless give & take of medicine, that can be felt through each of the classes and they deepen their own iniation with collaboration over competion. The ultimate goal being to witness the birth of more Dragons here on Planet Earth, so the world can truly change- once and for all.